Sunday, 18 September 2016

Kawa of Care

We have been learning about the Kawa of Care.I have a presentation to share my learning.


  1. Hello Lilly,

    I love your post ´Kawa Of Care' it has great tips and really cool decorations. Where did you get your quotes from? I really like them. At our school we made videos about how to take care of our chromebook, they are on youtube but I can't remember what they are called sorry.

    Bella Parkinson
    Yaldhurst Model School.

  2. Hello Lily!!
    I love your presentation for the 'Kawa of Care'! My class did the same thing before we got our chromebooks too!! I think that your presentation is very good, maybe you could change the colour of some of the writing o it is easier to read!! Keep up the good work!! Check out my blog at:

  3. Hi Lilly!
    This is a really good post on the Kawa Of Care. All of these things are very important to know when being safe on the internet. The only thing I spotted was make sure your writing is all readable.
    Kind regards

  4. Hey Lily,
    I really like your presentation about the 'Kawa of Care'. I think your layout was great and I really liked how you put the quotes in. On a couple slides I found it a bit hard to read your writing because of the colour of the writing and the image that was behind it. Overall, I thought you had a great presentation and some tips about Kawa of Care.

    -Kind Regards,

    Please Check Out My blog:


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